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The following terms and conditions define the rules for using the APKWisp website for the company, which is located at APKWisp.com.

By using this website We consider you to be under the following terms and conditions. Please stop using the APKWisp website if you do not agree in any way with these terms or conditions set out in the agreement.


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Unless otherwise stated, APKWisp and its licensors have the intellectual property rights for all content posted on APKWisp. Intellectual property rights remain in the hands of APKWisp.

You cannot:

  • Copy or republish content from the APKWisp
  • Sublease, rent or sell products from the APKWisp
  • Reproduce duplicate or copy materials from the APKWisp
  • Redistribute the content of APKWisp

This Agreement will take effect from the current date.

The website offers users the chance to share and discuss opinions and data in certain areas. APKWisp does not edit, filter the content, or publish or review Comments prior to their appearance on the website. Comments express the views of the person who posted them. In the event that applicable laws allow, APKWisp is not legally accountable for the comments or for any losses, damages, or costs incurred by the use of, or posting or the presentation of comments within this website.

APKWisp has the discretion to suggest comments that are considered offensive, inappropriate, or violate the terms and conditions of this agreement.

You warrant and represent that:

  • You are permitted to publish comments on our site and you have all permissions and licences to do so.
  • The Comments do not infringe any intellectual property rights, including trademark, copyright or patent from any third party;
  • The comments do not contain offensive, defamatory, or libelous or indecent content that would constitute an invasion of privacy.
  • Comments are not used to solicit or encourage commercial or current commercial activities, or illegal actions.

You grant to APKWisp the non-exclusive right to reproduce, utilize edit, and permit others to copy, reuse or modify your comments in the forms, formats and media.

Creating Links To Our Content

The subsequent entities have the authorization to link to our website without the necessity of prior written consent:

  • Government agencies;
  • Search engines;
  • Media companies;
  • Online directory distributors can link to our site similarly to how they hyperlink to the websites of other businesses listed on our site The only difference is that it’s
  • Accredited companies, excluding non-profit fundraising groups and charitable groups for fundraising, are not permitted to connect to our site without our prior approval.

The companies may provide hyperlinks to our home page publications, websites or other information, as that the link (a) isn’t at all misleading, (b) does not suggest in any way that there is an endorsement, sponsorship or approval relationship with us for products or services or products; and (c) is suitable to the context within which it is included.

We can consider and approve links from the following kinds of organizations:

  • Popular sources of information on business and products;
  • Dot.com Community websites;
  • Associations and other organizations that represent charitable institutions;
  • Online directory distributors;
  • Internet portals;
  • Accounting, law and consulting companies; it is
  • Educational institutions and class associations.

We will accept link requests from the kinds of companies listed above if we believe the following: (a) this link isn’t detrimental to our image or that of the accredited organizations; (b) the requesting organization is not associated with a negative relationship in our company; (c) benefits that we get from visibility will compensate for the absence of APKWisp. (d) that the hyperlink will appear within an overall informational context.

The organizations can post hyperlinks to our homepage provided that they: (a) does not appear to be misleading in any manner, (b) does not in any way suggest an endorsement, sponsorship or approval for products and/or services from our part, in addition, (c) is in line with the context that it is included.

If you are a member of any of the organizations mentioned at paragraph 2. above, and you are interested in putting an online link to our site and would like to inform us of your interest in sending an email to APKWisp. Include your name, the name of your company’s name, contact information along with the URL for your website and a list of URLs of our website that you plan for us to hyperlink to as well as the websites where you’re planning to display our URLs. Please allow between 2 and three weeks for an answer.

The organizations that are approved can post hyperlinks to our site using the following methods:

  • Our corporate name is used; or
  • Use the URL to which the link will redirect;
  • Use the description or other information about our Site that is compatible with the context and structure of the content for which the link has been placed.

The publication or use of hyperlinks that point to the APKWisp logo and/or any other visual elements is not allowed without a license agreement to make use of the trademark.

Responsibility for Content:

We are not legally responsible for any information that appears on our Site. You agree to defend and defend us against any allegations made against our Website. It is prohibited that any link(s) should be displayed on any site that could be construed as libelous or criminal, obscene, or that violates or violates the violation of, or encourages the violation of, any third party’s rights.

Reservation of Rights:

We reserve the right to demand that you take down all links and any links that redirect you to our website. You agree to immediately delete all links to our website after we request removal. We reserve the right to modify and amend these conditions at any time. If you continue to post links on our Website, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions for linking.

Removal Of Links On Our Website:

If you notice a hyperlink on our website that is objectionable in any manner, feel free to contact us and notify us about the issue anytime. We’ll consider any requests for removal of links however, we aren’t obliged to take down any links on our website or to respond to your request directly.

We cannot warrant that the information on this site is accurate. We cannot guarantee the exactness or completeness of information on the website. We cannot guarantee we will be open or that information posted on the site will remain up-to-date.


To the extent permissible under law, we disclaim all representations, warranties, and conditions that relate to our site and use our website. This disclaimer is not intended to:

  • Limit or exclude your liability in the event of personal injury or death;
  • limit or eliminate any liability we or you may have for any fraud or misrepresentation of a fraudulent nature;
  • Limit your or our responsibility in any way that isn’t permitted by law. Exclude any liability of us or you that cannot be excluded under the applicable law.

The limitations and restrictions on responsibility set forth within this Section as well as elsewhere within this document: (a) are subject to the preceding paragraph and (b) cover all liabilities that arise under the declaration, which includes those arising from contract, tort as well as for breach of an legal obligation.

The website as well as all information, services and content offered on the site are at no cost and without charge, we are not responsible for any damage or loss in any way.